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Here’s a video preview of Kaivo. Not all of the functions are final, but it’s getting very near its finished shape, and as you can hear, makes some very nice sounds!

Kaivo is designed to do physical modeling, which is to say it solves physics equations in real time. But unlike other physical modeling plugins so far, Kaivo is geared towards quick and easy experimentation that can get wild. Sounds rooted in physical reality, but headed for outer space. As with Aalto, my #1 goal is to help you get sounds that were difficult or impossible to make with your computer before. To surprise and delight seekers of the new and weird.

Kaivo will be released later this fall, and it will be reasonably priced. Stay tuned!

Thanks Randy, It is very very good!

Thanks Randy, for sure Kaivo will be a great product!

Looks and sounds amazing - can't wait to play with it. :)

can't wait to hear/feel this via the soundplane! great work.

modular/granular/phys mod. definitely a first for me.

amazing! thank you!

Very intriguing and interesting preview! Wow. Practically sold already for me ;) …I can’t wait to try it, this instrument could really open new realms into electroacoustic and experimental music. really looking forward to it!

Looks like a really interesting system. I assume we will be able to load different waveforms into the granulator. Will we be able to morph between two samples or will one always be noise?



Can't wait to play with this.

Take my money now please! So excited.

oh wow, that is so cool! can't wait...

Damn ... I get set alight can´t wait to get Kaivo. When can we expect the release of Kaivo? Will there be an special offer price for loyal Aalto user? An I want also a Kaivo T-Shirt! ;-) And again ... Aalto is a fascinating instrument a great inspiration and joy and I´m sure Kaivo will follow this tradition.

Thank you Randy

Really interesting how the changes take it from a Buchla model, to a more MAKENOISE Phonogene/Wogglebug realm. For me at least...

@Randy: I would love to be able to add my own functions to the LFO 2D, maybe through just write oneliners in seperate textfiles. Do you think that would be a good idea and would it be easy to implement for you?

I would love to be able to add my own functions to the LFO 2D

I think that is a very good idea. I want to take the time to do it well, so it may not be possible in the first release but I'll definitely add it at some point.

This looks really promising!
Can you add one day sample-change by MIDI ?
So we don't need a mouse to load / change the sample.


I think I heard Randy say in the video that you can load up to four samples, so I'm guessing you could have just two without one of them being noise.

can't wait to see this synth! will it be possible (or planned in future) to use kaivo as an effect? ie pump a live input into the synth instead of the vco section?

will it be possible (or planned in future) to use kaivo as an effect?

That will not be possible. The sounds need to be analyzed before use in the granulator. You can of course import your own sounds.

Anymore videos in the works? :)

How about I just finish the plugin? :-)

Even better! Just a bit impatient to see this thing in action. ;)

I'll probably send out some more sounds---those are quicker

any idea what kaivo will be like on CPU resources? similar to Aalto? less? more?

Guys, guys, guys, enough already! No more questions, let him get to work now. I. can't. wait!

Take it easy there. It's just natural for people to be curious about it. No offense meant.

Questions are fine! This is part of my morning customer support ritual. I just probably won't make any more videos, because they really pull me out of my programing groove for a day or so.

CPU use should be somewhere around Aalto’s. Maybe more depending on the Body type, which can potentially get expensive.

I know, i was only joking!