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Very nice! been putting off making this myself. thank you

Hey, sorry just saw this message! But to back up what other posters are saying there are a few params that are a little trickier to take over mostly with the VST version, I found more luck modulating the AU version than I have the VST. seems to be more consistency in terms of name/and range for me.

Im using Max 6.1.3 with OSX 10.7.5

One quick question I have Bob, is their a reason you used pattrstorage instead of the newer preset object for individual param states? thats most likely one of the first things Im gonna try out when I dive into this later today if nothing is super obvious at first....

Hey Bob!
downloading these today and Ill run some test of my own for you.

Before I go away for the holidays, here is a link to the completed patch if you want to tinker with that.

Really interesting how the changes take it from a Buchla model, to a more MAKENOISE Phonogene/Wogglebug realm. For me at least...

11 aaltos, whatever this is I want to hear a snippet!

are you using the "thispoly" object correctly? to cycle through the aalto instances?

Can you explain what you mean with "one aalto, 4 different pitchbends controlling polyphony?" Ill do what I can!

modular/granular/phys mod. definitely a first for me.

I agree, when I use global transport in Max, im left with this "spinning plates" feeling, ive even had it drift! As far the parameter naming, Ive been able to take over all parameters by name not number via the VST~ object, except for the modulation oscillator offset. Which is already known. Ive only had problems taking over values properly with the AU version, but I havent tried just the number handles yet.

It would be cool if people posted some Maxified Aalto stuff, first night I took everything over was pretty awesome. Modulating the glide, polyphony etc... One thing Im wondering if everyone experiences, sometimes when I modulate the step sequencers on/off the gate/PW sequencer goes blank but still kicks out the right values indicated by the faux blue light sensor @ the PW delay line. Anyone else?

global transport is pretty limited in terms of sending that information outside of synchronizing max objects using its time value format. In other words there is no prepend/patch to send that sync information into a plugin/vst like there is midi, basically just the arguments in max objects that support global transport.

as far as crashes, Ive never had a crash with the AU Aalto (any version), in MAX6. But have trouble taking parameters over with the AU version, like not having a full range on the timbre knob. I can take over pretty much all parameters properly via the VST version, but have a had a few glitches with OSC taking over the plugin, which usually goes away when you start DSP inside Max. I have only used the VST~ object, never the Plugin~.

OSX 10.7.5

Ive been getting around this by using Bidule, and automating sweeps through Bidule's plugin preset manager while randomizing the parameters at the same time, constantly having different wiring configurations and random knobs settings.

Little late to the party guys! Been working on this, are you trying to host sync to the Max's Global Transport or an outside program like Ableton or something. Depending on what your trying to accomplish, you might be able to get to where you want another way?

I like to think I can rinse Aalto pretty thoroughly... but I must admit I very rarely use the Sequencer's blue gate outputs, occasionally Ill use it for extending decay/release when the sequencer is triggering the envelopes... Or at most offset the speed/position of the sequencer for predicable yet very swung rhythms.

But I was just wondering what else everyone uses this for?


I did not know the vactrol response extended beyond the gate! Ill have to dive into that today. However a glide on the gate outs might have me patching these more, instead of just offsetting things via pulse width. If implemented scanning the sequencer offset with an LFO could produce some very complex and unique modulation waveforms from such a simple source, something that plays into Aalto's design from my perspective!

and I guess if im suggesting things then mabye a modulation point for "both" sequencer glides that of course would be per voice. Id love to hear what switching between the S&H waveshape of the unquantized sequencer to a complex sinusoidal one on each voice would sound like!

shouldnt be a demo/retail thing, you can install right over the demo like you would an update....

"Of course we have reaktor, bidule etc. But Aalto is just so inspiring straight out of the box."

Neither of which have any great native complex oscillator solutions let alone very smooth ones once you get there, especially Bidule. Lots of times in Max/MSP, Ill just run the complex osc out of Aalto dry as a faux oscillator object.