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Virta 1.9.2
Ableton Live 10.1.9
AU Version

Vocoder Carrier doesn't work after session re-open.


Just tried in Max, the same issue. Virta doens't work after saving and re-opening the Max patch.

Thanks for the reply Randy, I've sent both a screen recording video and the Live session file to the support mailbox.

I've tested the issue further, and edited the top post to be more specific.

will there be ios version of madronalabs products?
or any current choices of similar intuitiveness and sound quality?
would be great if 3D touch is supported.


^ please do, it gives iphone a whole new meaning.
feature request : 3D touch and patch sharing with desktop version.

as title says.

That would be totally awesome, please add this feature! ;)

Hi, I am thinking about making a 4x8 soundplane.

But I don't yet understand yet how the Max patch works (and what do the externals objects do) and how to tweak that to suit a 4x8 surface. Please help.

Here are some questions regarding building:

1) In your paper you have a table of "Physical Layers of the Sensor". I see aluminum foil on top of polyethylene playing surface, is that a mistake? I guess you would want the polyethylene on top of everything because that's what player touches?

2) And bump layer is above dielectric, is that right? I guess a plywood is hard and it would prevent dielectric layer to be squeezed. Or I misunderstand it? I watched the video of the G-Tar project, and they don't use any bump layer in the middle of carrier and pickup.Also they didn't use any GND strips between the signal strips.

3) Can I use 2 pieces of 3mm thick acrylic boards as the bump and spacer layers?

4) On carrier and pickup layers, are the GND strips connnected all together and into all GND of input/output on the interface? Or I have to have all the GND of each input/output connected to the audio interface separately?


By the way, here is a pic of the materials I plan to use, please check if there's something wrong:
(the black strips are connected to ground;
the parts of the tapes that're sticking out of the base is for soldering wires)

Hi, I've tried to use multiple instances of aalto in Max within [poly~]. (I would use multitouch controller with it so each note would have a different pitchbend value)

But as soon as I load up 11 instaces of aalto in Max, the cpu is almost 100% and it is not useable anymore. Loading the same number into ableton live does not require such amount of cpu. Why is that?

I've also tried this in another windows machine and it is also the same, aalto cost a lot of cpu in Max.

I wonder if there's some method that I can use one instance of aalto and have 4 differerent pitchbend info controlling each polyphony.


Basically what I am doing is to making a MaxMSP wrapper around aalto (and the future kaivo) so players can play them like on a LinnInstrument(

Maybe not as many as 11 instances! That will be too much for the computer. I am thinking about 3-4 polyphony for each hand so 6-8 in total.


I just found out by turning on parallel processing in [poly~] it sloves the problem!
Sorry for my ignorance.


It has nothing to do with thispoly~. Before I send any notes in there - just by loading 11 instances of aalto - The cpu would be 100% already. While loading the same number of aalto in ableton live would cost much less cpu.

I mean if I can affect the pitch of the polyphonies in the same instance of aalto separately, maybe with poly aftertouch or something like that. Anyway, this is not needed now, because one instance of aalto per note is critical for multitouch control, so each note can have a different sound by different finger gestures.


Hi, Randy,

Thank you very much for the detailed reply.

Now I've found out that magic trackpad is a multitouch surface which is also pressure sensitive. Tho it is much slower @ 125Hz scanning rate, but it is already much better than using keyboard.

I just want a portable solution that I can play aalto in the way I want. As well as messing around with the various possiblities with a multitouch controller. So magic trackpad is pretty enough for now.

The problem for now is this :


Totally attractive!
Something very similar to the Continuum Fingerboard function wise, but this time the point is:

I hope I will be able to afford it!