About us

Madrona tree

What we do

We make electronic musical instruments that open new creative possibilities to artists. Sonic quality, humane design and longevity are our main concerns. We strive to make deep tools that reward long-lasting engagement.

The tree

The Pacific Madrona, Arbutus menziesii, is a beautiful evergreen with distinctive reddish-brown peeling bark. It grows in the Pacific Northwest and down along the coast into California. Madronas have tenacious roots that can dig as deep as bedrock for water, so they often locate themselves on arid bluffs where other trees can't grow.

The people

Randy Jones

owner, designer, developer

Randy has been making tools for creative expression since 1998. He also plays live audiovisual shows once in a blue moon, and DJs weird sounds when people let him.

Sheryar Hyatt

sound design, social media management

Sheryar enjoys messing around with computers and sounds. When he’s not messing around with computers and sounds he enjoys playing video games and spending time in nature.

Will Pragnell

web development

Will discovered electronic music at the age of 10 and has been captivated by it ever since. He loves tinkering with synths, computers, and bicycles.

Contact us

for technical support: support (at) madronalabs.com
for other questions: randy (at) madronalabs.com