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do any of the beta testers have soundplanes?

thanks randy, very excited about it.

will the compatible aalto be before or after kaivo release? thanks!

missed this. looks great, can't wait to give it a go. thanks.

ok, got it. thank you for this.

i'm not asking for a specific pressure-based zone type. i just want to output a pressure cc from the note row zone type.
is that what you mean by a 'z option' to the 1D and xy controllers?

this is great!
i've been able to make several custom maps just from studying the example 'json's. could we get an example patch that uses pressure in a zone mapped to a midi cc? or perhaps i missed/overlooked that. thanks!

has this been dropped?

has anyone else created a similarly functioning Max patch? [where one can re-map midi notes across the 'grid' of the soundplane.] thanks.

thanks randy, appreciate the hard work. [and i don't want to distract too much from kaivo.]

very much looking forward to trying any version of this out. i don't mind how kludgey, even if it's an xml or some such...


Awesome, thanks so much!

hi randy,

i know you're busy. any chance of getting that text editable mapping? i'm happy to work with a beta or through any kludgey-ness to get started. thanks!

can't wait to hear/feel this via the soundplane! great work.

thanks randy!

i figured as much, that's why i also ask if any one else has something to share?

i'd be very happy to use a text editor. thank you. do i need to email you offline, or will you make that public as well?

i got busy, so it's been a while since i spent time with my soundplane. it's behaving oddly. even while trying to re-calibrate it's as if the sensors somehow 'wrapped around' and are displaced in the software.

anyone seen or experienced something like this?

SoundplaneModel::handleDeviceError: gap in sequence (65535 -> 1) one of the unfamiliar messages on the expert page while 'tuning'. thanks.

nevermind, i trashed the app prefs and all is back to normal.

what's a good tactic or approach to this?

i'd like to be able to capture a performance in high resolution, the data, not audio, so i could playback a recorded performance with a different or edited patch in aalto, etc..

are there any apps out there that will record the osc/t3d data, or do i need to use max?
i'm not interested in editing to a timeline or anything, just record and playback. thanks.

yes, os from expert sleepers has a soundplane and is using them together. he posted a video on muff's forum.

ok, so i got it to record.
it picks up each message into it's own track, so...
this only works when soundplane's out is set to OSCseq, so no 'thru', so can't hear anything, no pass through to aalto.
and playback, no way to tell aalto to listen to OSCseq, rather than the soundplane.

i'm very beyond my element here, so i'd welcome anyone taking a look at how it all should/would work or other ideas for raw capture of soundplane playback. thanks.

wow, that's looks awesome. will give it a shot this evening. thanks for that.

wow, that was fast. tanks randy!

midi drop down is gone with this rev. [OSX 10.7.5]

just adding my desire for doing '...a better job with adjacent keys in the future, with smarter software.', as i still have dificulty with diagonal presses. cheers.