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I would love to see a Rack Extension version of AALTO for propellerhead Reason: http://www.propellerheads.se/products/reason/index.cfm?fuseaction=get_article&article=whats-new

I understand that there might be some limitations in GUI, but personally I would settle for a monophonic version with a MBRS (Mod Bus Routing System/Mod Matrix) instead of the current routing system.

It would be awesome to have that but also with Audio Inputs to the various portions of AALTO such as the Low Pass Gate, the Waveguide Delay, The Filter and the Reverb to process external audio.

Also with both Audio (for CV at audio rate) and CV I/O for various functions so that you could have different instances of AALTO RE modulating each other.

I would even settle with a monophonic version with just the lower portion of AALTO, i.e. the Complex Oscillator, Waveguide/Delay, Filter, Reverb and Output. But with Audio and CV I/O. Seeing as there are lots of modulation sources in Reason already.

Well, here's to hoping anyway. :)

@randy: For AALTO2, you should consider turning the LFO into a make noise inspired FUNCTION generator, with A/R mode, A/S/R mode, and finally cycle mode, with Rise and Fall settings and a knob for changing the curve from logarithmic, to linear, to exponential.

More info: http://www.makenoisemusic.com/function.shtml

@ randy:

Randy, if you DO decide to re-use code from AALTO and make a monophonic Rack Extension of the lower portion only, I have a request:

For modulation inputs on the back, use AUDIO connections as well as CV (or instead of). The Reason for this is that CV in Reason is only run at a 64th of the audio rate, so to support real audio rate modulation you need to use Audio I/O for that.

For the record. I don't think that such a device would even need patch storage (we have combi's for that). My opinion obviously.


No, I agree that not liking Reason does not automatically qualify someone as a troll. :)

But, your first post seemed not arrogant, but elitist rather, In the same time enforcing a vision that I don't know if the developer even shares, it seemed a bit excessive to me. That is why I felt that you made it more a point of generalizing Reason users in general (I'm not saying that you're wrong, but I'm not saying that VST is any better either).

However, at the end of the day, I'd myself actually much prefer option 2: I.e. make a monophonic RE of just the bottom part of AALTO (even minus the reverb) and give it extensive connectivity on the backside instead.

Seriously, what is it with you Reason bashers? Why can't you stay the f*ck away if you don't have anything sensible to say?

Mention Reason and it's a friggin troll magnet, like moths drawn to a flame or something.

Yeah, I'm aware of the UI restriction but I thought that there are more than one way to solve it. Tbh I'd be happy with just the oscillator, gate (lo pass) and waveguide/delay in a unit with audio and cv I/O so that we can use the 'base' to construct our own synths in Reason. You don't even have to call it AALTO, just use the code you already have to acheive these elements.

But if you feel it's too much, I understand that as well. :)

Sorry, but I'm asking for a Rack Extensions version of AALTO which is propellerheads own native plugin format:


Well not that big things but stuff I've thought about:

  1. Addition of a preset button for the sequencer with 'random' next to the other ones (square, triangle and saw).

  2. Change the LFO to MS-20 style i.e. add a morph function from rising saw to triangle to falling saw. Maybe also a switch between triangle/pulse output where morph controls the pulsewidth instead? (pulse isn't that important, just a thought)

  3. Gate/trigger inputs for the envelopes?

  4. Make the Modulator have the same style of waveforms like the Carrier (i.e. Sine to Square and Sine to Saw shaping of the OSC).

I understand that points 2. and 4. would probably require an expansion of the GUI/hard to fit on the current GUI but could still could be conciderations for AALTO2 or something. :)