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Well not that big things but stuff I've thought about:

  1. Addition of a preset button for the sequencer with 'random' next to the other ones (square, triangle and saw).

  2. Change the LFO to MS-20 style i.e. add a morph function from rising saw to triangle to falling saw. Maybe also a switch between triangle/pulse output where morph controls the pulsewidth instead? (pulse isn't that important, just a thought)

  3. Gate/trigger inputs for the envelopes?

  4. Make the Modulator have the same style of waveforms like the Carrier (i.e. Sine to Square and Sine to Saw shaping of the OSC).

I understand that points 2. and 4. would probably require an expansion of the GUI/hard to fit on the current GUI but could still could be conciderations for AALTO2 or something. :)


Supporting the Random waveform button for sequencer value sliders.

  1. i think this sounds good although i would personally want both the step sequences steps and sequencer values to have their own random buttons. maybe they could be addressable

  2. would you want other sources of modulation to act as gates if they reached a certain point? this would be pretty awesome, also a threshold (possibly even a knob where the minimum and maximum can be set knob and the minimum would act as a second trigger) knob would be nice maybe.