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...I hadn't realized in my last post that you already posted the files. Installing both plugins worked perfectly, and the old projects are opening without a problem. Thanks a lot!

Thank you very much for the quick reply! Looking forward to the update.

And this problem made me realize how much I depend on Aaltoverb, it was popping up in so many of my projects :) Such a beautiful and versatile fx.

Adding to the previous question - is it possible to download the latest version of Aaltoverb 1 somewhere? So I could try if opening the projects works with that version... Many thanks

Hey Randy,

thanks for the update! Unfortunately my older Bitwig projects containing Aaltoverb 1 now claim that the plugin is missing, so I cannot transfer the settings to Aaltverb 2. Is there a way to install version 2 alongside version 1?

(I have to add that some or all of the projects have been made on Windows and are now being opened on an M1 mac, but still the plugin should be recognized.)

This looks amazing! Seems to be more then worth the wait. Would be very happy to beta this :)

Oh, a Linux port would be wonderful! I took the plunge into Linux audio production a while ago and am not looking back.

For now, I've gotten Kaivo and Aalto to run very stable in Reaper with wine and LinVst (https://github.com/osxmidi/LinVst). But native ports would be so much better :)