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Wow, I am excited. Looking forward for the beta...

Though I would like to see little enhanced envelopes. Not ADSR but APDSR Attack Peak Decay Sustain Release for real MPE fun. Standard ADSRs do not allow to have a soft attack and then a cressendo bigger than the first velocity would have defined. Just modulating a volume with pressure isn't the same especially for the releases... Would be great to get APDSR also for Kaivo and Aalto...

Great news, just bought Virta to push the work a bit...; - )

I came across this as well. You need to send on more channels as voices! If I set Aalto to four voices and have the LinnStrument only send on 4 channels, you get voice stealing depending on the held notes. Its kind of logic. If you give it more channels, the roundrobin of channels and the voice allocation of Aalto plays together well.
This occurs on low voice counts only, or is less prominent the more voices you want to play...

I just downloaded 1.9.1, and I found a little bug in Kaivo (I suspect its also in Aalto):
If I set my LinnStrument to play channels 2-16 or even 2-6, and my voice count of the patch is only 4, it seems to map the additional channels to one of the according voice with a modulo 4 + 1. That means, its likely that it will be mapped to a still sounding voice, though the voices played are lower. just playing max two note chords, will create cut off notes without good reason.
I guess you still would need to use some voice allocation to make that work properly. If I limit my LinnStrument to the number of voices of the patch of course all is fine, but who wants to adapt the controller always to the patch???

Cool, should be possible to set in preferences. I have lots of RAM...;-)

I have a feature request regarding MPE:
If I set the input control to MPE I want the pitch bend range to be fixed. Either I set the range once, and it will not be overwritten by a preset change, or it should be fixed to the standard 48. (Though outside of Bitwig for Linnstruments 24 would be better...;-)
When browsing presets, its annoying to adjust the PB range each time... (I know I could resave, but I would only want that for sounds I keep...)
This applies to Aalto and Kaivo and also for the upcoming Sumu...

Just got Kaivo, and it seems, that the pitch bend setting is the setting for the MPE PB range.
As I use it with a Linnstrument and in Bitwig, I would prefer, that it would take the PB setting as the global (Midi ch 1) and the PB setting for MPE (all other channels) should be fixed to 48, as the spec recommends... Bitwig assumes that all MPE pitch bend is 48, and adjusts the Linnstrument PB 24 by deviding the incomming PB by a factor of 2. Though this is stupid and might change, the fixed 48 PB seems logical for me...

Wonderfull playground that Kaivo, I had to wait for the deal to be able to afford it though...;-)