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Thanks for the updates!

I'm a new Aalto user and really like it.

I have messed around with the Lemur Template but would prefer to use a hardware controller with knobs.

Are there any power users who have come up with preferred mappings for controllers with lots of knobs (BCR2000, Midi Fighter Twister, etc).

The thing is, Aalto has something like 81 knobs on a quick count — that’s too much for most controllers, so what do people NOT map for performance/improvisation?


It could be done in Eurorack. Not cheaply and of course depending on the unit, the functionality will be different. And no awesome oscilloscope dials. But, for instance, you could build a rack around a complex oscillator, LPG, delay with fast times and a feedback loop, waeshaper, filter, reverb, some attenuvertors, a function generator or two, sequencer, LFO and control in and audio out. I threw in an oscilloscope but it's pathetic compared to the visual feedback you get from the interface. And the cables will get in your way. I speak from experience (not with this system, but with Euro).

Sorry for the huge pic. But at least you can see everything.

eurorack Aalto, sort of