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Hello :) There are some wonderful patches here. Thanks for sharing your work. Here is one of the first I make with this wonderful machine. Mostly let the seq run and listen to the changes. There is some midi cntrl as well. Enjoy with or without headphones.

<Aalto pluginVersion="66054" presetName="JA-Mars Submarine" scaleName="12-equal" scaleDir="Greek" key_voices="3" key_mod="1" key_bend="0" key_glide="0" seq_rate="0.00500000082" seq_rate_p="1.30999994" seq_offset_p="-5.99999952" seq_steps="5" seq_range="25.0000019" seq_glide="0.5" seq_pw="70" seq_value_delay="7" seq_pulse_delay="5" seq_value0="0.133928582" seq_value1="0.866071463" seq_value2="0.455357164" seq_value3="0.651785731" seq_value4="0.00892857462" seq_value5="0.098214291" seq_value6="0.580357194" seq_value7="0.31250003" seq_value8="0.00892857462" seq_value9="0.0625000075" seq_value10="0.491071463" seq_value11="0.0446428619" seq_value12="0.901785731" seq_value13="0.0446428619" seq_value14="0.187500015" seq_value15="1" seq_pulse7="1" lfo_freq="110" lfo_level="0.599999964" lfo_freq_p="2.01999998" env1_decay="0.0199999996" env1_sustain="0.539999962" env1_release="0.0300000012" env1_level="0.5" env1_xvel="0" env1_trig_select="2" env1_attack_p="-0.49000001" env1_decay_p="0.639999986" env1_release_p="0.0799999237" env2_repeat="4.02968788" env2_delay="1" env2_attack="0.200000003" env2_release="0.319999963" env2_trig_select="2" env2_repeat_p="1.73999977" osc_ratio="0" osc_offset="-200" osc_index="5" osc_timbre="0.129999995" osc_pitch="27.5" osc_waveshape="-0.649999976" osc_noise_p="0.460000038" osc_ratio_p="0.150000095" osc_offset_p="-166" osc_index_p="-4.9000001" osc_timbre_p="0.25" osc_pitch_exp_p="3.85999966" osc_pitch_lin_p="1891.99963" osc_waveshape_p="0.700000048" osc_carrier_out="0.170000002" osc_mod_out="0.25999999" gate_level="0.569999993" gate_mode="1" gate_decay="1.5" gate_level_p="-0.220000029" delay_input="0.399999976" delay_peakfreq="1236.99988" delay_drive="0.25" delay_peakres="-3.00999999" delay_feedback="0.25" delay_freq="439.999359" delay_input_p="-0.680000007" delay_peakfreq_p="-3.3900001" delay_drive_p="-0.24000001" delay_feedback_p="0.5" delay_freq_p="-3.18000007" delay_output_wet="1.96999991" delay_output_dry="0.319999993" filter_cutoff="479" filter_q="0.599999964" filter_mix="-0.170000017" filter_cutoff_p="2.56999969" filter_q_p="0.129999995" filter_mix_p="-0.300000012" output_input_gain="1.44999993" output_reverb="0.0199999996" output_pan="-0.150000036" output_reverb_p="0.50999999" output_pan_p="0.49000001" patcher_input_1="000000000010000000000000000" patcher_input_3="110001001000100000100101100" patcher_input_4="000000101000000000000010000" patcher_input_5="000000100000000000000000000" patcher_input_6="000000100000000010100000010" patcher_input_7="001000011100010100000010010" patcher_input_8="000000000000001100000100000" patcher_input_9="000000000001000000000000000" patcher_input_10="000110000000000001000000001" patcher_input_11="000001000000000000001010000" patcher_input_12="000000000000000000000000001"/>

Thanks for continuing development on Aalto! Anxious to try 1.3. I guess I am one looking fwd to the larger GUI ;)


This is the least I can offer back to the developer, for such a fine device as Aalto. I am no designer by trade, and this is perhaps not as well-structured as it could be. I make similar ref sheets for myself from time-to-time to help me become more intimate w/ an instrument or piece of software (during design). This was designed in GIMP open-source image editing software at resolution 1280x800 (my laptop res) 72dpi on PC. This is in GIF format to keep size down 186kb for desktop usage. I hope it helps you during sound design. http://twitpic.com/643o00

PS. It is BASED on the very nice official manual, yet there are many occasions where I use my own translations to describe a feature. DO also read the manual if you haven't done so. It is a great read w/ lots of tips. I tried to ref those tips where I could on the sheet. Remember, this is -primarily- for personal use.

You are welcome, tombitondo! Good idea to print it out. I tried to use a good font style for such, in case. I do hope it helps quickly bridge the gap between idea and execution. These kind of sheets really help me and that is why I make them. Cheers

Thank you for sharing these interesting timbres. :)

Intriguing heartfelt article, Randy. I am sorry for your/our (the world's) loss. Surely he would have been fascinated with creative potential of Aalto, as I am. Best regards