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I was a little confused about versions after installing the 1.5 update. I removed Aalto and installed 1.5 "fresh-style" and Logic shows 1.0.0 under Preferences > AudioUnits Manager...

Apologies, I didn't have samples in the correct place. All sounds are working when lowered to one voice. Will look into making a patch or two.

Koto and Water Koto sound very different when dropped to 1 voice. Dulcimer no different and all others still silent. No errors logged this time.

System info:
2.3 Ghz i7
16 GB DDR3

Just installed Kaivo and tried to play around with it in Logic Pro X. Got the following in Console for grains FM:

1/19/14 3:12:43.148 PM Logic Pro X[39976]: Audio engine overloaded,

(Repeating until plug-in turned off or another preset selected.)

I don't get those errors for the other presets, but the only presets that make any sound are Koto, Water Koto and Dulcimer — all roughly the same low volume, highly distorted.