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see title. anyone else experience this? thought i'd check out the update to aalto to find out it doesn't work anymore at all now... :-/

Are you quite sure it's not the cpu/audio buffer? Sorry if the suggestion is too obvious...

Hey everyone,

I think I talked about this somewhere before, but basically all my virta patches that make use of the 256 vocoder mode get launched (if in a saved project) with nothing displaying or soundwise changing in the vocoder.

my workaround is to load the project file, switch to another vocoder mode and then switch back to 256. then it always works, display and sound.

windows 10 64bit bidule 64bit... for what it's worth...

Has anyone else had this happen?

just finished copying and pasting the last patch. Thanks a lot for these. Though I still wish it had been preset files rather than having to copy and paste everything...

Been playing a lot with these as I was downloading them. :)

I'm mainly a bidule user. I also have licenses for FL Studio and audiomulch 2, but I rarely use those.

Using individual outputs per voice would be a really cool and easy to use feature in bidule. :)

that's what i'd call a really dedicated developer. :) i'm not affected by this, but i hope you can reproduce the bug on the coming macbook, randy.

the system has changed. you don't get special downloads in your account anymore. what you do instead is download the demo version of aalto and then paste your license from the 'my licenses' section.

hope this helps. :)


i get an error message when trying to download the windows aalto demo for windows. says something to the effect of file not found.
haven't tested the other links...

I'm running the latest demo version and I get the same bug as in the opening post. Upon loading a project Virta outputs no sound.
Once I change the preset Virta functions as intended and sounds absolutely wonderful.

Hey, I just redownloaded Aalto and the installer works fine just that the files apparently don't get written at all.

Can anyone think of what's going awry here?

yes, it was the antivirus. thanks

Is it possible to somehow default Aalto to be monophonic in all patches, even custom ones? My PC rarely handles two voices of Aalto well, so it would really be a blessing to have that without needing to disable voices for every patch by hand.
Maybe you could, if nothing else is possible, add a mono only version to the download area and mark it 'for those with Wooden Computers(tm)'?

hehe, i think i even know who said that about the reverb. wasn't me, but i do remember reading it.

i recall there being a special computer music magazine monophonic version of aalto. is that compatible with all patches (apart from being monophonic)?

if so, i suppose i should have gotten that and not invested any money in your full product. just kidding, i am happy with aalto and will hang on to it for a good while as i hope ('am certain', i should maybe rather say) you will to updating it and keeping it current/compatible.

edit: and despite being even more cpu-intensive (unless i am imagining things) kaivo is really high on my list of synths to get soon.
there is one other synth i am interested in that i could even afford, but i think i am going to hang on to my money until i have enough for kaivo. even monophonic it's simply beautiful judging from the demo.