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Hi Randy

Great. I wasn't sure if you like the idea. Don't forget to remove the download from my account. :)

All the best,

Hi Randy

Sorry for the "bump" on this thread, but i'm in a similar situation.

I've switched to a DAW that do not even support VST or AU. Aalto is a great plugin, but i can't use it anymore. I see that it isn't "allowed" to resell the license (or at least not fair), but what about giving it back to you? (don't stop reading :]) Not for the whole amount! I don't want the money, just spend it to a non-profit association like http://www.sos-kinderdorf.de/ or http://www.avaaz.org/en/about.php.

Well...you can't check if i really delete Aaalto (it is already uninstalled), that is a problem, but you can delete my user account or remove the download option. I mean, no one buys a user account with nothing in there.

Just spend the amount you think and i will never ever ask you again about a license transfer. :D

Kind regards (from Germany),