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Hi, I'm noticing major spikes and dropouts using Aalto 1.8.2, 64-bit and Cubase 9. Dropouts will sometimes paralyze playback entirely. Didn't have these issues with Cubase 7.5 and the 32-bit ver of the plugin. Can anyone else corroborate?

Hey Randy, thanks! Yeah, I'm discovering some Cubase issues as I go along, but I do find that Aalto 64bit uses significantly more load than any of my other plugins. And this is "at rest" with no notes being played...


Reporting an issue. The presence of Aalto in my Cubase project causes it to crash/hang on "Export Audio". I've narrowed it down to Aalto. Aalto power on = crash. Aalto power off = fine. The plugin plays just fine, but offline export causes Cubase to crash/hang.

Cubase 7.5.30
Windows 7 64bit
Aalto 1.5