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Hi, I'm noticing major spikes and dropouts using Aalto 1.8.2, 64-bit and Cubase 9. Dropouts will sometimes paralyze playback entirely. Didn't have these issues with Cubase 7.5 and the 32-bit ver of the plugin. Can anyone else corroborate?

Is it possible that the new Cubase version comes with a much smaller default process buffer size? Just a guess, and something that would be easy to look for.

Does the new Cubase have a multiprocessing setting you can turn off? This is something else to try.

Aside from that I can't think of anything. Please keep me posted.

Hey Randy, thanks! Yeah, I'm discovering some Cubase issues as I go along, but I do find that Aalto 64bit uses significantly more load than any of my other plugins. And this is "at rest" with no notes being played...

Aalto's modular architecture lets it play when it's not getting MIDI notes, so being "always on" and taking up CPU is the downside of that.

I wrote down some related info here: Getting the most out of Kaivo It's somewhat specific to Kaivo, but has tips that apply to Aalto also.