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Virta is a patchable toolbox for turning your voice or other instrument into wild new synth sounds.

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When you first install the plugin, it will run in demo mode. This means that a gentle reminder sound plays every minute or so, and saving patches is disabled. When you register the plugin, these restrictions are removed.

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The purchase price includes a license for both Mac OS and Windows.

Your purchase will create a license key that you can get from the "My licenses" page after logging in. To register your plugin, just copy the key and then click in the plugin’s registration area.

About the sound

Virta turns voices and instruments into all kinds of wild synth sounds. By combining low-latency sound analysis with high-quality synthesis modules in a patchable package, Virta brings something truly new to the world of software synthesizers.

Virta can also be a very useful toolbox for more simple effects. Its processing modules, including an input compressor and a pitch shifter with feedback delay, are very open and transparent at low volumes, coloring the sound more when pushed. Because it's so easily programmable, drawing on the patcher UI that we've obsessively refined over the years, Virta is a quick and gratifying way to dial in that channel effect you want.

Though the audio analyzer is designed to capture the nuances of the human voice, other monophonic instruments will work just fine, producing very musical results. And go ahead and feed a drum loop into it if you like! What comes out will definitely be surprising, and might be just your thing.

Have a listen

A remix of SassyBlack’s track That New New—check out more of her transmissions on Bandcamp.

A simple drum machine loop through various Virta presets.

Read the friendly manual

Virta's manual has over 30 pages full of info, a starfish drumming in 5/4 time, and tips for using this wondrous patchable effect to its fullest! Click to download: VirtaManual.pdf

System requirements

Mac versions require OS 10.9 or higher and a 64-bit host application. Windows versions require Windows 7 or higher. Windows XP and Vista are likely to work but are not officially supported. If you have any concerns about compatibility, please try the demo.

More info

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