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FYI, an update: with v1.3.2, PT 10.3.3, OS X Mountain Lion 10.8.2, and FXpansion-wrapped, the VST version of Aalto works fine in Pro Tools… problem solved until PT 11 rolls around and everything is AAX if you upgrade.

Hi Randy,
Pro Tools allows you to do what you want easily. You just create an instrument track for Aalto to live ion (or MIDI/Aux separately), and route the audio output via a bus pair to an audio track. You can record the MIDI data if you're tweaking and want to capture the performance that way too. While there's not direct RTAS or AAX support for Aalto yet, you can use FXpansion's VST>RTAS wrapper to run Aalto natively within Pro Tools. I think most DAWs should allow you to do this (someone mentioned similar workflow in DP below too).

-- Dave

I use PT as my DAW (on v 10.3.2 right now), and love using Aalto. Best solution I've found is using Vienna Ensemble Pro (Vienna Instruments), which lets you run any AU plug-in in a hosting environment (Bidule also does this). VEP is used by a lot of composers who work with larger templates. It's very stable now and a good tool, and has the benefit of allowing you to stream setups on slave computers via GigE.

Unfortunately, the Fxpansion VST to RTAS wrapper does not appear to be healthy with the 1.x version of the Aalto VST plug-in. When you attempt to instantiate the wrapped version in Pro Tools, you get a quit crash.

Versions are:
Fxpansion Wrapper: 2.1.0
Pro Tools: 9.0.3
Aalto: 1.2.1, VST v1.0

Hi Randy,
Sorry if I've missed the info somewhere here, but where do we place .scl files for our own scale tunings? I've tried the Aalto folder in Library>Audio>Presets (both user and system) but no luck yet...

Argh... had manually migrated data between boot drives, and see that now... sorry for wastin' your time... found the orig. fact. stuff and voila. ;-)