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love the new color palette though .. please don't change it. For some reason it reminds me of surfing in the 70's in Malibu or something, especially with plenty of patch cords visible (im not that old at all but that's the connection my mind makes).. Intentional or not, it is relevant to waves :)

woweee!!! full-screen Aalto on my 27" imac! 8)

i agree about the gradient. otherwise everything else is beautiful! And this resizeable vector u.i. is amazing!! has to be the first vst i have seen with this feature.

t-shirt would be kiLLer. sold!!

Hi, I am new here. LLLove my Aalto!

I am into making pattern based music ..So.. It would be super awesome if the sequencer and lfo rate could be switched to a "time" mode as well so it can sync with the DAW . Maybe in Aalto 1.3 ?
If this feature were to happen I would actually write more music using Aalto in addition to playing (which is loads of fun already)..
Pretty please! Thanks!!

Happy Friday!