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+1 for more complex modulation/sequencing. Another +1 for the idea of "melodic quantization".

Aalto is perfect for that "sonic accident"-stuff Richard Devine talks about. With more modulation/sequencing options, it's possible to make whole tracks with a instance of Aalto or two as a backbone. Forcing some of that randomness into a scale in frequencies would make it even easier to glue it together with other melodic parts.

I think a lot of the stuff i want from Aalto, might already be there. I just haven't learned to use it properly yet :) But still, thinking about stuff like the legendary source of uncertainty, the eurorack-world, complex sequencing/modulation, harmonic quantization etc, makes me dream of even better plugins.

New Madrona Labs-stuff is definitely in my cart!


I dont know why, but the patches for Aalto on this site (Aalto patches sticky) dont load up! I've been using the 'paste from clipboard'-function a lot ( and it has always worked. For some reason the patches from here dont work, but the patches from Patchdump do!

I am looking at the "code" itself but i see no difference. Both start with "<Aalto pluginVersion=..." and ends....""/>". It is not necessarily a big thing but it's weird.

Right now, i am loading a patch from Patchdump correctly, but the patches from here, load only the patch name, nothing else!

Aalto 1.3.2
Live 8.3.4
OSX 10.6.8

: Marko V, Finland