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Thanks! That did the trick. I moved my presets folder from the root /Library into my own user /Library/Audio/Presets/Madrona Labs/Aalto.

It could be confusing for some, since on Mavericks the user Library directory is hidden my default.

Thanks for the update! I just bought Aalto today and have been playing with the default voice. I haven't been able to see or access any other patches in the dropdown menu though. I installed the presets package, and I see the files there in Library>Audio>Presets>(etc). I'm running OSX 10.9.1. Thanks again, I'm looking forward to getting deeper into Aalto!

Hello Madrona. I'm excited not only by your upcoming hardware and software releases, but also by this smooth interface you have here. It's very clean and I feel that I have a good idea of what your company is about, just from browsing the site and feeling the connection between your products and the layout. Well done.