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Trying to use the fxpansion vst>rtas wrapper in pro tools le and get no audio, have also tried using numerology in rewire mode but still no audio comes through in pro tools (other instruments do work from numerology in rewire though). Has anyone come up with a solution to this or had other experience - some rewire host that works for aalto in pt or other method of getting it happening? Would love to use it inside pro tools somehow!
As an aside I've emailed Randy about the possibility of rtas or getting the wrapper happening, and had the response that yeah definitely he'd like to get that going - but in the meantime wondering if there's a workaround (beside just recording the synth in another daw and then pulling that audio track over to pt).

super excited for this!!!!!! modulating the step length and the 2 stage eg will be huge!
how's the aax possibility looking for us pro tools users?

This question probably comes from my lack of fully understanding how fm is described as actually being expo or linear (or log for that matter), but how would one patch for exponential as opposed to linear fm on aalto? Is the pitch patched to the index to be mixed? The mod osc? At what attenuation? Why am I wearing this rainbow clown wig?

Thank you very much Randy, I get it now. I screw myself up on this deal by having a completely backwards tendency to think of 1v/oct from the perspective of voltage and chromatic notes instead of frequencies, and start trying to understand some area like this where that is relevant and immediately get confused. This isn't the first time and you'd think I learn. Will get it drilled in there some day. Again, thanks.

Thanks randy. I guess what I meant is - is patching for exponential fm strictly within aalto possible.
Edit- nevermind.

Am super-excited about getting my hands on this on the 7th! I'll be getting the mac au version to start messing with, is there a possibility of there being a mac vst version as well? I use vst > rtas adapter to pull things into protools, and hope to be able to use this in that environment as well (not aware of an au wrapper).