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First, congrats on the release of Kaivo! Only scratched the surface but it really seems like a special breed of granulator…

I checked the pdf manual and all, but still can't find how to import my own sounds. In the granulator module, the 'Import' feature is greyed out… Is this a demo limitation?


So Randy, it's fall… Hehehehe. Any release date to share with us? :)

Man I can't wait to give this grain baby a try!

Very intriguing and interesting preview! Wow. Practically sold already for me ;) …I can’t wait to try it, this instrument could really open new realms into electroacoustic and experimental music. really looking forward to it!

Hi guys!

I think it would be pretty fun to have a random button, that creates a new patch totally randomly. When you're creatively dry or simply wanna mess around with Aalto, a random button is always fun and often inspiring! What do you think?

Thanks Randy for this monster synth!!! :)

For those who don't like a random fonction and think it is useless, you don't HAVE to use it! It'll be ok to leave it there alone and not touch it ;-)

Very nice to see other Aalto users are interested by this random feature as well!

And nice to read 1.3 will probably has this feature Randy! Thanks for listening, much appreciated.

Thank you Randy!

Still not in studio yet to download and grab my Aalto, and trust me I just can't wait to get into it tonite!

Thanks also guys for all these patches, gonna try them for sure.

Cheers and see you around,


Hi all Aalto users,

I am a happy brand new Aalto owner (received my version link this morning in my inbox, thanks for the fast processing!) and I know this might sounds stupid, but how or where do you paste all these patche codes in Aalto? Sorry again for the newbie question.

Can't wait to start tweaking to death this monster!

Thanks guys.