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For #3, you could look at VCV Rack and the trowaSoft OSCcv modules for OSC or the moDllz or Ahornberg modules for MPE. Since there are (sadly) not that many Soundplanes I don't know if anyone's worked with them in particular but the VCV forum is a pretty helpful place.

That gets you software CV. Sounds like you've already got a DC-coupled out; if anyone else is interested, I can vouch for the Expert Sleepers ES-9, which works very well with Rack. (By the way, and unsurprisingly, Rack has great built-in options for conventional MIDI->CV--you may find it an interesting alternative to your existing Reaktor workflow).

Unbelievably exciting! Thanks so much, Randy! And thanks to Kelly Fitz and Lippold Haken as well. This is a really wonderful development. Can't wait for Sumu, but am at the same happy to wait as long as it takes!

This is thrilling news! Very promising implementation of some very interesting ideas here. Looking very forward to trying it out as soon as it's ready. Thanks for sticking with this for so long--I am entirely confident that it'll be well worth the wait.