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All plugins 1.9.3

The 1.9.3 update to Aalto, Kaivo, and Virta is now available for both Mac and Windows. Mac users should find a dramatic improvement because this update fixes issues with drawing speed that have crept up due to changes in Mojave and now Catalina.

To get the updates, just download and install the demo plugins from the product pages as usual.

In addition to the big changes with drawing on Mac OS, I have fixed a few lingering issues affecting both platforms. These include failure to redraw the granulator wave in Kaivo sometimes, and a sequencer triggering bug.

Lastly, I've gone over the MPE MIDI code for better compatibility with the MPE spec and with particular controllers like the Linnstrument. Pitch bend range messages are now responded to according to the spec, and separate pitch bend amounts for Main and Member channel now allow more flexibility in your MPE setup. The MPE pitch bend range is now an option under the "Settings" menu and does not change when switching patches.

Windows users please note: these new downloads may trigger the "Windows Defender" warnings in Microsoft Edge. There is no good reason for this and according to Microsoft, the warnings should go away when the files are downloaded more. Meanwhile, we all have to put up with a few extra clicks. Please write me at if you have any questions.

Many thanks for the beauties randy!
Is there a place to check updates logs?

The installers all show a readme with recent (a couple of years, at least) change notes.

Hi Randy, you mentioned above that "the installers show a readme with recent change notes".
I cannot find them with the windows installer(demo version).

Sorry that didn't help. I can find the info for you, if you let me know what plugin or what particular info you were interested in.

Hi Randy!
I am generally interested in the change logs for Aalto & Kaivo. Thanks!

here you go:

Thank you so much Randy! Great!

Hi Randy
Quick question, native M1 support considered with V2.0 version ?
thanks !!

Yes, I'll be adding Apple Silicon native versions ASAP. Aaltoverb is native now.

Hey Randy!

Any updates on when native M1 support may be coming? Cheers!

It's still near the top of my list but I have to make a little more progress on Sumu before I can switch to the Apple Silicon work.