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Download and demo Virta

Virta is a patchable toolbox for turning your voice or other instrument into wild new synth sounds. Click to download the plugin, patches, and samples:

Mac OS

Virta 1.8.3 [VST/AU for OS X]


Virta 1.8.3 [VST for Windows]

All platforms

Read Me First!

Manual PDF

Both Mac and Windows versions are fully 32- and 64-bit compatible. The demo version is identical to the full version, except that a gentle reminder sound plays every 60 seconds or so, and patches made with the demo cannot be saved.

Virta's manual has over 30 pages full of info, strange animals, tips and tricks, and a complete introduction to sound synthesis! Click the cover to download.

Buy a license

US $89.00

Your purchase will create a license key on the "My licenses" page. To register your plugin, copy the key and paste it into the plugin's registration area. Registering will display your name, remove the demo “wave” sound and allow you to save your patches.

The purchase price includes a license for both Mac and Windows, and all future formats and platforms as they are released.

Please Note:

To access your license keys, you will need to make an account on our website. If the email you use for your account is the same one you use with Paypal, the licensing will proceed automatically. If the emails are different, we humans will have to step in to complete the process.

To install the presets, use the preset installers linked above.

System requirements

Mac versions requires OS 10.7 or higher. Windows versions require Windows 7 or higher. Windows XP and Vista are likely to work but are not officially supported. All versions require a 1.6GHz Intel Core Duo processor or better.

Virta can be fairly heavy on the CPU. On a mid-range notebook from 2012, a dual core 2.4 GHz Core i5, four voices of a complex patch use around 30 percent of the CPU time, simple patches much less. Results vary between hosts and operating systems—the best thing to do is try the demo before purchase.


Virta turns voices and instruments into all kinds of wild synth sounds. By combining a low-latency sound analysis module with high-quality synthesis modules in a patchable package, Virta brings something truly new to the world of software synthesizers.

Virta can also be a very useful toolbox for more simple effects. Its processing modules, including an input compressor and a pitch shifter with feedback delay, are very open and transparent at low volumes, coloring the sound more when pushed. Because it's so easily programmable, drawing on the patcher UI that we've obsessively refining for five years, Virta is a quick and gratifying way to dial in that channel effect you want.

Though the audio analyzer is designed to capture the nuances of the human voice, other monophonic instruments will work just fine, producing very musical results. And go ahead and feed a drum loop into it if you like---what comes out will definitely be surprising, and might be just your thing.

License terms

You can install Virta on as many computers as you like. If you want to run the plugin on more than one computer at a time, we require that you buy a license for each computer.

This license approach is designed to let legitimate owners get work done, whenever and wherever they need to, without worrying about authorization issues. When you buy a license, your name will appear in the UI of your licensed software as a reminder of your awesomeness.

We encourage you to try before you buy, so that you won't want to return the full version. But if you find unexpected problems within a reasonable amount of time, talk to us—we want you to be happy with your purchase.

A license purchased directly from us can be transferred for a small service fee. Contact us for details.




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