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Hi there,
I am new to Aalto, just wondering if there are any more user preset libraries apart from the ones come along with installation.

Welcome! There are a bunch of patches in the Aalto patch thread up above in the Software section. You can copy and paste these using "Paste from clipboard" in the Aalto patch menu.

Hey Randy!

I just really want you to know that a feature to load a lot of patches in a single shot or even download them from the website might be a great help. It's really slow to copy/paste patches from forum to just try them out when you're in a search of a new sound.

Thanks for the feedback. I have plans to add to the preset system for v.2 and make a sample pack format with export / import functions.

I guess currently you're seeing the influence of my working methods where I tend to make patches as I go. I have not put as much energy into systems for sharing patches as making them on the fly. But I recognize that people out there want to have better ways to share and receive patches, and adding features to Aalto could help with this.

Hey Iyosha, I have a small library of sounds you can download off of my GitHub!

Mostly bread-and-butter sounds. Let me know what you think :)