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Hey Randy, how's it going :)!
It's me again, requesting scale selection previous/next buttons again, after 3 years. First requested in 2018, time flies :D.

I gave it a pass in 2020 to return with the same request in 2021.

This feature is still needed as I'm still not using Virta as much because it's hard to pick a scale that fits the rest of the song. Creating new files and/or picking or generating them feels nerdy and ruins the flow.

Hope to see the update one day! If you need any help with C++, I'm willing to do that for free (I'm experienced with plugin development, including UI and stuff).

Thanks, Randy, this is a very useful advice, but I have to tell you that I tried this approach and prepared some scales in advance, but the nature of the experimentation is so you really don't know when and what you will need when the right mood strikes and when you're in the flow with the new song. And in the moment like that, chances are you'll want something you didn't think of in advance, and you often can surprise yourself with the kind of scales you already have in Virta, but it's just so so hard to find something that fits the track via that menu!

Sorry for ranting and good luck :)!

Hey Randy, thanks for the update!

I wonder if you have anything in the work to help change the scale in Virta, which is still very hard to do via the menu. I've posted a request about it last year and you told that you have some ideas so I just wonder what's up. It just takes a lot of time to pick a scale, and it seems so easy to just at least add a forwards/backwards button to the scale selection section. Sorry for asking but it's just very hard to make anything that fits the rest of the song when you use the selector menu like this, it's so time consuming. And when you have a sound that's really great, it's still not quite in tune and it takes forever to do something about it with that menu you've got in place.

Otherwise, still a great tool! Thanks for all of your good work.

Hey Randy!

I just really want you to know that a feature to load a lot of patches in a single shot or even download them from the website might be a great help. It's really slow to copy/paste patches from forum to just try them out when you're in a search of a new sound.

Some presets are just silent, some don't sound like they sounded in Live 9 (or maybe I'm wrong, not 100% sure), and some of my older songs sounds aren't loading.

Tried that with the latest beta and with a stable version too. Any idea about what to do?

Virta also doesn't seem to load patches from the old projects. Let me know if any more precise info is needed.

I'm on OSX 10.13.2 if that matters.


I get it about the granulator, but the physical models in Kaivo sound great and I thought multiple times when designing sounds that I want just that on top of what I have, let alone to do something like to put multiple Kaivo's physical models processing chains on top of the same source with slight differences, ugh that could be epic.

I'm so looking forward to the modular env idea, but this suggestion just seemed to be a much more minor thing to do. But I trust your taste in instruments big time, so if you think that sounds like an overkill at this time, I suppose you're right.

Hello there and thanks for the incredible work!

Since I've got Virta I can't help but think how awesome would it be to have the same Audio input module in Kaivo. Not only this could enable a great way to use it as an effect processor, this also would really level up the modulation possibilities, and the module itself is already written in Virta, so I suppose this could be not that big deal of a rewrite.

I really hope that could happen, and in any case - thank you again for these great products Randy, and good luck! Your tools have become a huge part of my workflow and a great inspiration.

Hello there!
I'm a bit of a newbie so I'm sorry if this question is covered somewhere or it's something obvious.

I understand that Virta scales are in Scala format and there's a lot of flexibility to it, but I don't quite understand how to approach inserting Virta to my existing songs in terms of making it playing nice harmonically with a scale I already have. In most harmonic adjusting plugins they have a key and a scale selector, how do I do something similar with Virta? E.g. just making it harmonise the input into G dorian or something.

Selecting something until I like how it sounds is great, but sometimes I just want to tune in to the right scale and go from there.

Sorry again if I misunderstand anything, but manual didn't help with that too much.

Thanks guys!