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Dear all,

As this topic is quite a big one, could i please trouble you guys who have downloaded demos / purchased the plugins on the CPU consumption? This is especially in light of the 20% performance boost from v1.2.

i'm really this close to pulling the trigger, but CPU consumption is quite (very) high.

when i run 4 voices of 1 instance of aalto, although it varies from patch to patch, the CPU consumption is around 25% - 30%.

i ran this in live, PC, quadcore 2.8ghz i7.

compared to other reviews and esp with the 20% improvement, i expected lower CPU usage.

pls kindly share thx!

Running demo in Live 8.2.2, Win7 64bit, Core i5 2500k overclocked to 4.5GHz, 8 Gigs RAM.

On a typical patch eg. SD Bowed Wave - 1 voice tops out at 16% CPU and 4 voices top out at 51% CPU. This seems pretty consistent across most patches so far.

thx savaran
so i guess 25%-30% @ 4 voices for i7 should be reasonable then
gonna b pulling da trigger w00t

Yup - i'd say that i7 is doing pretty good :) To be honest I was surprised my overclocked i5 sandybridge isn't doing better considering it is running faster than a stock i7 2600K :(

@savaran, I am at 45% for 4 voices in Live 8 on my 2.4GHz Core i5 laptop running Win 7. So that's a little weird, I would expect yours to be way better.

But ah, when we throw these numbers around, don't forget
It makes a huge difference what size you have the buffering set to in your DAW.
Mine is at 256.

RAM doesn't really help because Aalto takes very little for its audio path. One Aalto will only run on one core (for now). So it's pretty much just CPU speed that matters.

The 64 bit version is around 10% faster than the 32-bit on my machine.

Buffer is 256. I'm on the 32 bit version as Live 8 still doesn't have 64 bit capability :( I guess the 10% difference with 64 bit could explain the performance difference, but I was still expecting it to be faster on my OC'd core i5. Not a huge problem though as it is not preventing me from making great sounds with Aalto :)

Hey - my watermarked version just came through :) - many thanks for the quick response!

i have a macbookpro and numerology with one instance of aalto 1.2 a loooot of cables and 4 voices and i stays at 30-32% cpu power.

that means there is 10% less cpu using at all on my system !

Hey everyone,

Just a quick one for Randy.

Is there a reason that Logic 9.1.4 running on my i5 Macbook Pro gets a cpu spike into the red every time I switch to another preset ? is this something other people are experiencing ?
This happens regardless of whether I'm running in 32 or 64 bit mode

Also Ableton live 8.1 seems to cope with Aalto so much better uses a quarter of the cpu as Logic does and doesn't crash when i try to load more than one instance of the plug in. Next time i get crash I'll try an save the crash log

Immense synth though guys thank you :-)


I do see CPU spikes switching presets in Logic . I don't know what I could do about that. I might work on it, but not soon. In my experience Logic is less efficient than other hosts.

I do not get crashing or any problems with more than one Aalto. I am on Logic 9.1.3 however.

Maybe this will be better for you in the 1.2.1 version.