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I'm not sure if this is user error or a genuine bug but i'm finding that after a while creating new patches or changing existing patches I get a sustained voice that will not decay even if I strip back all the modular connections. The sequencer is not being used and even when sustain levels are pulled back the sound does not decay. This doesn't happen all the time, but when it starts all the new patches end up with this sustained voice.

Try this patch out and let me know if it runs continuously without decaying - is it something in the patch setup causing this ? 32bit Aalto 1.2, Live 8.2.2, Win7 64

<Aalto pluginVersion="66048" presetName="Sine Droner" scaleName="12-equal" scaleDir="" patch_anim="0" key_voices="2" key_mod="1" key_glide="0.0949999988" seq_rate="0" lfo_freq="0.159999982" lfo_noise="0.340000004" lfo_level="0.289999992" lfo_freq_p="0.46999979" env1_attack="2.37800074" env1_decay="1.74999988" env1_release="7.8200016" env1_level="0.939999998" env2_repeat="1.32968748" env2_delay="0.0439999998" env2_attack="0.105999999" env2_release="6.81999922" env2_xenv1="2" env2_repeat_p="-0.0399999619" osc_ratio="3" osc_index="8.26000023" osc_timbre="0.25999999" osc_noise_p="-0.00999999046" osc_ratio_p="0.110000134" osc_timbre_p="-0.0500000119" osc_carrier_out="0.550000012" osc_mod_out="0.699999988" gate_level="0.180000007" delay_input="0.289999992" delay_feedback="0.330000013" delay_input_p="0.440000057" delay_feedback_p="0.340000033" delay_freq_p="1.4000001" delay_output_wet="2.50999999" filter_cutoff="221.000015" filter_cutoff_p="-2.18000007" filter_mix_p="-0.720000029" output_reverb="0.230000004" output_pan_p="0.220000029" patcher_input_1="000000000000100000000000000" patcher_input_3="001000000001000000000000001" patcher_input_5="000000000000000000001000000" patcher_input_10="000000000000000010000010000" patcher_input_11="000000100000000100000000000" patcher_input_12="000000000000000000000001000"/>

Thanks - i'll check the other patches that sustain constantly to see if the gate level is the problem on those too.

Yes a manual with a bit more depth would certainly be useful when starting out with this synth. Having just the quickstart manual to hand through has definitely forced me to explore and experiment more which i'm sure is part of Randy's philosophy with this creation.

The patch cable preview is just such a great idea - made me smile when I first realised you could preview sounds in that way.

Had a read of that last night and I was pleasantly surprised to find that we all have slightly different Aalto's - what a great idea :) I can get the nasty sounds on mine if I tweak it right, but it does indeed seem to have a nice mellow sound which kind of suits my character :) Had three instances going last night producing some great drones with edgy feedback added by the modwheel - wonderful! This is a very inspiring synth...

I see a couple of others have reported 1.2 sequencer problems already in different places on here.

I'm using the full 1.2 32 bit Aalto. Win7 64, i5 2600k OC to 4.5Ghz. Live 8.2.2 32 bit DAW.

Something seems to happen when patches are saved that have an internal step sequence in them. I have saved my own patches and then loaded them up again and the sequence steps do not sound. Weird stuff also happens with other peoples patches too. I played the shruti malfunction patch in the default textures location and it has no sequence running. I then copied and pasted the shruti malfunction version in the patch thread here on the forums into Aalto and the sequence was working !? So I replaced the built in Aalto version with the forum one. Then after trying some more patches I went back to the shruti patch, loaded it up and it was going crazy with the sequence rate at max !!!

Its quite frustrating saving patches at the moment with the knowledge that they may not be replicated fully when you recall them later on.

Randy - Good to know its a repeatable problem and not just specific to my setup. If you need any more info. or anything tested let me know.

Jonah - thanks for the input. I did try the host sequencer as well as the internal Aalto sequencer and had the same problem with both. Some patches work and others are just silent no matter how you trigger them. I'll keep testing various scenarios.

Are the Rory Dow Sequences in the user patch library supposed to make some sound or do they need external triggering ? Most of these sequences are dead when I open them...

Buffer is 256. I'm on the 32 bit version as Live 8 still doesn't have 64 bit capability :( I guess the 10% difference with 64 bit could explain the performance difference, but I was still expecting it to be faster on my OC'd core i5. Not a huge problem though as it is not preventing me from making great sounds with Aalto :)

Hey - my watermarked version just came through :) - many thanks for the quick response!

Yup - i'd say that i7 is doing pretty good :) To be honest I was surprised my overclocked i5 sandybridge isn't doing better considering it is running faster than a stock i7 2600K :(

Running demo in Live 8.2.2, Win7 64bit, Core i5 2500k overclocked to 4.5GHz, 8 Gigs RAM.

On a typical patch eg. SD Bowed Wave - 1 voice tops out at 16% CPU and 4 voices top out at 51% CPU. This seems pretty consistent across most patches so far.