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i have reaper and aalto 1.5 running. is it possible to assign alias8 knobs and faders to the controlls on aalto ?

the version number reads 1.4b6 !?

ok found the error but now all my xmas specials are gone !!!

is there only one .dll after installing aalto. maybe there more places with presets or so ?

oh i found many presets and more.

can i move these completly to an external HD ?

hi - how do you setup reaper to record cc and audio ?

hi randy
thankyou for this FREE update.

i have a small prob with mouse going on the waveguide delay.
it changes very, very quick. is this normal

hi randy,

i can only post a new topic but cannot reply to posts !!!

hi folks,

i love aalto. it'll be my first and last softsynth on a pc. now i am trying to recreate this in hardware. i know this a buchla like synth but i hope i can get most of the functionality out of regular 3HE modules like the doepfer ones. any help and ideas are welcome !


i have a macbookpro and numerology with one instance of aalto 1.2 a loooot of cables and 4 voices and i stays at 30-32% cpu power.

that means there is 10% less cpu using at all on my system !


i've installed the demo and the installation works fine on my mac. how can i get my personal update ?


some issues ?

i have the patch dotted rolls running and moving the reverb abck and forth. the pan position pointer is hanging and the ouput window is not updating in time !

is there a reason not to have some knobs on the envlope 2 on delay and attack ?

sure i've to wait till friday but "brand new patching interface" looks like the same as before ?

can i now deceide wich cable to delete if more than one cable is connected to a destination ?


this synth is my soly used softsynth. i don't need anythingelse.
but what do you mean with -
"So, when you were seeing only 50%CPU but hearing occasional glitches... no more."
does it mean 20-50 % faster you use less cpu power ?

very nice. do you share the aalto patches ? special the background radio noise.
wich daw do you use ?


after installing a backupimage and reinstalling aalto i get the yellow sign. if i start the installtion the 2nd time it works ?

i'm running 10.6.7 on macbook pro


but i haven't any app open (only my virus app) !?

i send a email to !