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Some question about modulation value.
I modulate LFO rate from SEQ (In Kaivo for example, the same i guess in Aaalto).
LFO rate level set to default stage (1.00)
LFO rate modulation level (lfo_rate_p) set to minimum (-4.00)
Sequencer columns value set to maximum (1.00)

Ie this condition reproduce maximum impact from the sequencer to LFO rate, but LFO continues movement nevertheless :D So, this is should be ? (ie normal behavior?). I mean, really lfo rate not should drop to zero at this condition ?

Or by other words - the maximum value of Seq columns not in any case will have maximum impact to parameter with default value stage ?

You can use the "needle" or dial indicator to see the actual value after modulation. So if it's at 0 you won't see the indicator.

You can use the SEQ range to send greater values for more modulation. This will work to get LFO rate to 0 in this case.

In general if you want a thing to be 0, it's probably easier to set it at 0 and then modulate to something else, than to set to something else and modulate to 0.

Randy no no, i understand how to make it, i just wanted to make sure that described behavior is properly, i.e. i supposed that the maximum value of seq "column" does not have enough (planned) power (assumption based on the logic of impact to some other parameters), something like bug. Just was needed confirmation that no, and I will be calm :D