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Hi all, and happy new year. i've just released a .1 update of all three plugins to address some things that were broken in the recent extensive updates. I think of these x.0.1 release as the little cut scene after the credits—now we're all sitting around eating shawarma or whatever and everything makes a bit more sense.

The updates are all on the product pages. I've changed the web site to explain the new license keys a bit better as well.


There was an installer glitch putting these up. If you are still having issues with Kaivo's body module not working properly, try downloading the 1.3.1 installer again. The file name will be
KaivoInstaller1.3.1.exe (no .zip).

Kaivo OSX is still 1.3.0? Thanks for the updates!

Fixed, thanks!

Thank you Randy and Happy New Year!

Thank you!! Hope you can have a lovely year! I also wanna say lately I just got your products, all of them, and they've just become my favourites! I am not using anything else! They're outstanding! I'm deeply in love. Now I stop. Anyway, you've earned a loyal customer for life! Regards!

Happy New Year ! what a great start ! Thanks ;-)

welcome aboard @dawbakhos and thanks for the nice words, they brightened my day, truly.

Randy, please check your emails asap

Sorry if I missed it, but what is the way to copy/paste the new keys when the music computer is offline? I hit "copy to clipboard" but then there's no paste option afterwards. Thanks---

When the plugin is not yet licensed it will say "click to paste license" in the upper right. Click there to paste the license.

Sorry, I should've clarified- I'm trying to save the key file on someone else's online computer, then transfer via usb stick to my offline music computer--

OK I see. Try dragging over the text to copy it instead. There is a problem with the clipboard icon thingie and Safari.

Ah I see.. And yep I was using an out of date IMac so there you go. I'll try copy/pasting on other devices. Thanks mate---