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Hello Randy,

I seem to have an issue with Kaivo AU. It just stops working all of a sudden, I can't find a pattern. It mostly happens when I change of preset, but not exclusively, because it happens also when I just let a sequencer play in an arrangement of a song.
It simply stops producing sounds. I can change the preset, or make changes in the patch; it's not frozen, it just doesn't produce sounds. It's not about the patch I can be using or anything.
I uninstalled it about two hours ago because it happened twice and tried to see if I could fix it myself, but the issue is still happening.
I'm on a Mac with Sierra using latest update of Kaivo on Ableton Live's latest version. Is there anything I can do to help you find the problem?


Randy, sorry, one short question. I know you might be pretty busy, but you meant Kaivo 1.3.1, right? Thank you so much for your support!

Yes, sure! Will do! Thank you!

I have an issue with Kaivo, I will report properly. Thanks again!

Thank you!! Hope you can have a lovely year! I also wanna say lately I just got your products, all of them, and they've just become my favourites! I am not using anything else! They're outstanding! I'm deeply in love. Now I stop. Anyway, you've earned a loyal customer for life! Regards!

Guys, hate to be so off-topic, but I don't manage your patches to work. I copy them from start to finish, then paste them into Kaivo, but there no sound coming out of them. What am I doing wrong? Again, sorry for posting a question instead of a patch.