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I have hosted another event around expression in electronic music - using expressive instruments and controllers.

Brief overview...

ummm.. What to expect? who will be there... oh maybe its surprise ;-)

Great to know ;-) will definitely say Hi!

Just my 2 cents on plugin hosts as its still new, cross platform, (mac OS X and Windows) but very promising - GigPerformer.
(No affiliation and no gain whatsoever, did beta test and its steadily entering my live rig)

Happy New Year ! what a great start ! Thanks ;-)

macosx Sierra - Virta1.2b2.pkg

VEP6 - ok (both in 64 and 32 host) but only shows AU no VST
LIVE 9.6.2 - only shows AU no VST

Oh by all means Randy "go take care the new machines"!
Only sent for comparisons and help in some way, it's an old machine that has served me well and in need of rest/other duties.

So confess i have completely miss Kaivo 1.2.1 (either was in the middle of a project or at the time being not around this planet)

SO update to my post above:
64 bit version of Live, and 9.6
latest version of Kaivo 1.2.1
SR 48000, 256 buffer
fresh start, main power

Plugin window open:
CPU 90-120%
CPU Live ~90-95%


Plugin window closed: (makes the world of difference)
CPU drop to 40-50%
CPU Live : 85%

still glitches with 8 voices, BUT can get away with 7 voices ;crystal clear! so definitely improvements over 1.2.1.

Macbook Pro (late 2008)
OSX 10.7.5
Processor: 2.53GHz Core 2 Duo
Memory 8GB
Graphics: NVIDIA GeForce 9400 - 256 MB
Ableton DSP: 85-90%
% CPU: 75-85%

8voices plugin window open or closed of course it glitches (it's not fair), BUT can handle 6 voices plugin window CLOSED with all asked settings, clear sounding.
Ableton DSP: 60-65%
% CPU: 70%

the above was using Kaivo 1.2.0 - sorry

yeah @garf i recall that trick, you do get audio processed but cant get midi to "reach" Virta that way. (cheating via T3D its fine...

Oh and it has to be the other way around Gate>Virta no?

oh, no mention to EigenD, curious it shows up as AudioUnit Effects and VST synth.

In VEP also ;-)

Excelent !! asked for 1 got 26!!
Thanks that many more times.

No mention as to accepting MIDI Program change messages but it works !!! Yuppy!!
Might add one more line referring this.

Thanks for this and all the work ;-)

Passion reflects ;-)

Great to hear Kaivo update is coming!! par with Aalto (ex. Program Change has bin more the useful - a lot of fun)


Great "refreshing" performances!! Loved Chantepleure ;-) must have bin quite a listening experience for the audience! I say this as I have done in the past some musical pieces for 4 and 6 speakers/tracks and its always very rich sound wise.

Soundplane seems perfect for this (and a lot more)

I'm debating with changing sounds/presets for ages; lately Mark did make an agent for EigenD to allow Program change and Aalto 1.6 is now also "friendly" to this ;-) (waiting for Kaivo !!)

Here i change presets and sort of "draw" in the Alpha keys..
Eigenharp Alpha+Pianoteq

I do think some foot work paramount, to changing about anything and sure the SoftStep allows this !!
A WII remote (Bluetooth) is also fun to use (not just buttons but its motion mapped to PRG?) also searching

Let us now your progress/sonic adventures ;-)

Thanks for sharing ;-)

Now that 1.6 has program change… endless fun.

Thanks for sharing swey ;-)
Some true preset gems!!

Some idea and IF…

You can have some fun with an ios device and IF you have Lemur + AB SQUA4R-3 mapping

Appreciation for exceptional work and unique sounding!

Continuum - Kaivo

Continuum - Aalto

Recently got this Continuum and thetechnobear agent for EigenD, made this possible.
Video of Eigenharp playing Aalto/Kaivo still in to do list ;-)

Thanks for your gesture!!
Happy holidays!