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The Aalto 1.2 beta is ready, including Windows VST. I'm looking for about 10 more testers. Please email with subject "Windows beta" for more info.

Please note that this software is a little rough around the edges yet. In particular, Windows installation is a pain. You have to be comfortable making hidden files visible and creating a few directories in weird places. If this sounds OK to you, then please proceed!

Windows requirements:
Windows 7 or XP Service Pack 3
SSE2 capable processor, 2 GHz or better recommended

Just send an email!
really looking forward to test this out!

i send a email to !

Hi and thanks!

I have enough people now to try a bunch of different hosts.

If you didn't get here in time, don't worry --- If all goes well the release should be in 2-3 weeks.

so great!!!i'll make a report this week end!

Hi randy will there be a Windows 64bit compliant version?

@nickster that's a good question-- I'm still trying to make it work here but I hope so.

I'm sure I'm late to the game but I'd love to try this out.. I'm very impressed with the videos I've seen but I mainly work in a windows environment until I get myself properly acclimated to my mac environment :)

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