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Has anyone here used the Kyma hardware with Aalto.. the Kyma consists of four dap chips, and you can analyze and emulate a lot of instruments, or morph and create totally new and radical sounds. Evidently, the Kyma hardware saves this as an OSC file, that Aalto can play..

I was just researching it, but still trying to get a better grasp on how it all works.

really? have you got a reference, Id be interested...

afaik, the following is possible:

soundplane can output T3D OSC messages (real time), which can be used by Aalto and Kyma. so Kyma understands T3D.

But Ive not heard it can generate T3d, but it possibly can, it certainly can output OSC, so I suspect it could be coded to output the t3d protocol

there are some tools to record OSC to files, and replay them, so this might work with Aalto. (a bit like recording/playing back midi)

I don't think, you could save any sounds/patches from kyma... the closest would be to export them, and import them in to Kaivo (rather than Aalto)

but I could be wrong, and would be interested to hear, as Im often tempted by Kyma :)

OSC is just a way of sending around messages, like MIDI but more flexible and with more resolution. The Soundplane can control Kyma or Aalto using OSC or MIDI. there's no link over OSC between Kyma and Aalto (that I'm aware of!)

The Kyma environment contains several (offline) audio analysis tools which generate what I believe are proprietary descriptions of the original audio/samples. In turn these analysis files can then be used as the basis for realtime re-synthesis of the original.

One can have the hardware (the Pacarana) generate OSC messages in realtime but the formatting is limited. The OSC (or MIDI) messages are basically just broadcasting the value of one of Kyma "global controls" (i.e a control of their virtual control surface for each sound).