ForumsSoftware ← FR: Aalto/Kaivo's own undo/redo history - like Fabfilter/AAS plugs

while i patiently await the Aalto 1.6 update, may i request an undo history per plug, separate from the DAW's own undo?!
so many times i've had a great sound, not saved/copied it, then screwed it up a few tweaks later, never to get it back as it was...
with plugs as complex as Aalto/Kaivo, having their own undo history would be mighty useful. Fabfilter and AAS plugs have nice systems with undo/redo icons on the giu's interface, to name a few...
p.s. the Aalto window size isnt remembered when closing and then re-opening its gui

I have wanted to do this for a while. Thanks for the feedback.

cool, thanks randy