ForumsSoftware ← NICE! Bitwig's per-note expression available for VST 2.4 plugins

hi randy,
in the last beta they issued before today's v1.0 release, the notes had a very interesting addition:

NEW-Send note expressions to VSTs using GM2 spec (CA23 and SINGLE NOTE TUNING CHANGE, VST needs to canDo "receiveVstSysexEvent"

i asked dom@bitwig if he could clarity what this meant. he said:

"any interested VST developer can easily support our per-note expressions using standard and official midi sysex definitions, even in good old VST 2.4"

...which sounds great, except i have no idea if it's an easy thing to implement in Aalto or Kaivo. is this something that would even be possible?


Thanks for sharing, I will look into this. Though in general I'm not too excited about supporting something that only one DAW does, I do like their approach.