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Hi there I'm new to the forum and I'm very excited about Aalto (even though I haven't tried it yet because I'm a Windows user.) The other day my wife asked me what I wanted for Christmas and the only thing I could honestly say I want was this synthesizer. I hate to ask but is a Windows version going to be available by Christmas (or even a beta)?


I'm really happy you want an Aalto so much. I would really like to have a Windows version done for you by Christmas time. I can't promise it will be done, but I will be working on it. Best thing to do is stay in touch, like you're doing. The same goes for beta testing Windows---I'm not sure exactly how I'll be handing that but you'll find out here.


Thanks for taking the time to reply. I'll keep coming back to check for news.

any news?


I'm still working on it, but sorry, no news. Have a happy holiday anyway!