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It sure would be nice to have it as a 64-bit AAX plugin for Pro Tools 11. I use Ableton Suite and when pressed, Logic Pro, so obviously I have ways to use Aalto. I'm thrilled with the purchase of this fine instrument. It's just that I would like to be able to use it in Pro Tools. If I remember correctly from browsing around the forum, there are no plans at present to port it over to 64-bit AAX but I'm just putting in my vote for Pro Tools 11 compatibility.



Hi Adam,

It would be a fair amount of work to port to AAX, and I have my hands full supporting VST and AU at the moment. Things can change though, and I appreciate the feedback.

Another option for you may be DDMF Metaplugin . A customer tells me that this plugin wrapper/combiner can allow Aalto to run inside it, in Pro Tools 11.

Thanks for the quick reply and the tip. I downloaded the Metaplugin demo. Interestinhgly enough, it only works in the MIDI track/Aux configuration. On the instrument channel, it won't receive MIDI, although for generative patches, the audio does work.This is true of all wrapped plugins, not just Aalto. Certainly, this is a way to get Aalto into Pro Tools.

Thanks for the report! This will help others I'm sure. Too bad about the MIDI.

I have also heard that the Blue Cat MB7 mixer plugin works with Aalto to some degree. There may be graphics issues, I think, but the MIDI may work better.

Anyhow, I realize that native AAX would be best.

There's also Vienna Ensemble Pro, although it's not cheap. I haven't used it, but I hear good things. If I recall, it's PT 10 but not PT 11 compatible, but that may have changed to include PT 11 as well.

Here's an article from the Pro Tools Expert blog that covers additional options:

Good luck!

Hi Adam,
this work for me in Pro Tools 11 HD Native with Aalto...

@Uwe, This being which product? Did you mean PatchWork?

As this can be host for "VST, VST3, Audio Unit or built-in plug-ins" it would seem to fit the bill.