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Still love the synth but I have an rather urgent request to make it more playable with different controllers.

Could you change the mod and aftertouch input, so that we could change them to different Midi cc Numbers?

If i play with my manta for instance, it is better to setup a specific cc (lets say 55) than use cc1- If i use cc1 and change to a different synth, then the normal modulation is used, which is not wanted most of the time.

Aftertouch though seems to be some kind of midi message of its own, which i cant send from most of my controllers.


The "mod" dial in the key section selects the CC that is sent to the "mod" signal output. So there is one assignable controller that gets saved with each preset.

I am hearing the need for more assignable controllers.

Aftertouch is indeed a different MIDI message from control change.

Oh Sorry I misunderstood the Mod input...

says to himself:


I second the request for more assignable controllers. I would also like to see a control input on LFO level in addition to the current rate input.

That LFO level control is clearly needed and will appear soon.