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For people like me who are more songwriters than experienced synthesists, it would be helpful to have more patches. I generally learn about the inner workings of a synth by analyzing and modifying sounds that grab my attention. And this leads to further experimentation.

I have already made some very cool Aalto patches from scratch, but I would love to hear more patches made by others.

Please expand the "starter" set and/or begin a patch-sharing forum or mechanism of some kind.

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OK, will do ASAP. This is a good way for me to spend some time helping customers today or tomorrow, because I'm not allowed to work on the code this week.

(afterthought) Realistically I can only bust out so many good patches myself, but I think a few more in the short term will help. I'll see what I can collect from our beta folks too.

I think the best move after that would be to get patches embedded in forum posts here somehow. Or otherwise shared through your Madrona account. Unfortunately it will take a little time to get with our Web guy and pull this off. But I'm thinking of bumping it up in priority.

Just want to say thanks for responding to this request so quickly! I know you're working hard. I hope you're also getting sleep!

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