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Here are a few pictures I took today to make a product onesheet. This is one of two playing surfaces we have made prototypes of. It's a walnut veneer on a fiber / elastomer backing. The other surface is a thicker walnut that acts more like articulated keys. We'll have both kinds of surface on hand to compare at the demo, starting tomorrow.

It looks stunning. I cannot wait to see a movie of the surface in action!!

Great Work. Looking forward to the announcement tomorrow of pricing and more detail!


Hi Randy,

I'm excited to see the progress you've made. Can you please describe the tactile feel and response of the surfaces?



I think that in this case a movie will be worth 1000 words.

ask for details < ask for photos < ask for video < ask to buy

beautiful - can't wait for the video!

Looks like a beautiful instrument, very exciting, well done!

looks fantastic!

i was curious, how come you guys went with a recessed playing surface? Seems more ergonomical that the playing surface be flush with the frame like in the previous prototype pictures. -just my 2 cents.


Good insight and question. It's nice to play on top of the edges, especially.

The "proud" surface posed some bigger engineering challenges and will also be more expensive to make. the recessed surface is working great now, and has been refined through lots of testing.

So recessed is the default, and there will probably be an option to get the Soundplane with a thicker surface soon.