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Madrona...Lads... heh... sorry.

Glad that it's not strict to the piano resolution though I'll probably be waiting for a smaller soundplane. I'm sure this will be a great success, Randy. : )

Is that wenge veneer on the soundplane?

With Live's recent update for Lion has anyone had any major issues running aalto within live?

Mr. Randy,


Ableton Live 8.2
Mac OS 10.6.4

Thanks for making something like aalto... A lot of freedom. I have seem to have the same issue as Mr. nofryzone. Though it froze without me stopping playback and it didn't come back to life after I tried turning off the device and back on again. The only thing that brings it back is deleting aalto from my track then reloading a fresh one. Not sure if it matters much but I included a screenshot of what i was working on. Aalto fulfills all my noisey madness :) . Will be purchasing soon. Thanks randy.