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sounds incredible!

Just echoing what everyone else says - this is definitely worth waiting for and we wouldn't want you to compromise your high standards. Kaivo will brighten up the post Christmas lull when it arrives.

Looks and sounds amazing - can't wait to play with it. :)

will the fruit be falling at decibel? luck old you - you'll be sharing a platform with brian and kelli when they unveil aleph!

on may 27 tehn said: "we're expecting to have a demo and specs within a couple months. circuits are near final. working on physical components and more programming to do."

may, june, july...:)

Dead excited - another synth of the quality of aalto is something to really look forward to. So now I have this and the monome/ bulcha collaboration to get my imagination working overtime...

cool you can call it the aalto patch for the added pun factor - count me in for a t-shirt & patch

I'm up for a hoodie if you can ship to the UK.

I know what I'll be doing this evening - thanks Randy - new version looks great.

wow! congratulations randy - this is a wonderful thing you've made. it'll take me a while to save for one but i'm starting now. thanks for posting the video.

beautiful - can't wait for the video!

fantastic news! time to start saving so i can pair a soundplane with my monomes. won't be able to make the show as i'm in the uk - please post some nice videos...good luck for the festival