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Thank you so much, yes I was using the 256 band mode, and switching it off and back fixes it :-)

first of all, big fan of Madrona Labs! thanks for your work.

I have the same issue described by the original post:
When I open an Ableton project that had a voice with Virta VST, Virta doesn't play any sound, (it shows input signal though) and it works only if I change preset and load again the preset I was using.

It has the same issue if I'm using it as Audio Unit.

I recently updated to Virta 1.9.5 and the issue seemed to have disappeared the first days, but now it's back again.

MacOs Monterey 12.6, Ableton 11, Virta 1.9.5.

Thanks for your help!

EDIT: the issue seems to happen only while processing audio tracks, midi instruments seem stable.