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Are you using the 256-band vocoder? That one has a bug where it won't work if the plugin loads with that option selected. Switching off the 256 band mode and back fixes it every time for me. If that's the issue you're having, Randy is aware of it.

That's helpful, thanks.

Great to know, thanks a lot. I'm guessing it's Sumu beta work comes first though, right? ;) It's all good, excited about all these developments!

I see the issue on the github now. Just something to add, when I first reported this I was using my old machine, but I've since updated to an M1 system and the behavior is exactly the same. Same as Joel above I guess. So it wasn't about my machine being old as I first expected.

Hey again! I've been greatly enjoying Virta for the last while. I had been hunting for a Vocoder/Vocal synth that would connect to the tuning system mentioned in my other recent thread, and that sounds good to my ears. Virta hits the mark on both counts, thanks a lot for that.

I've found one slighly annoying buggy behavior that I want to inform you of. It's not a big deal, just thought I'd let you know anyway.

Environment: 2007 iMac, M-Audio keystation. (Ancient stuff, I know...)
Plugin or software version: Virta, latest versions, both AU and VST
OS Version: OSX 10.10.5
DAW: Reaper 6.34

Steps to reproduce: Load Virta, with Audio and MIDI being sent in from other tracks, and the MTS-ESP MIDI client plugin before it in the chain (it just converts regular MIDI into MPE with pitch bends to adjust tuning), set virtas Protocol to MPE. Load my vocoder preset in Virta, which is pretty much just the stock "Vocoder, nice 4 voice" preset but with the 256-band vocoder mode instead.

Reproducibility: Every single time.

Expected result: 4-voice vocoder behavior.

Actual result: Weird monophonic behavior. The MPE voice lights in the key section all light up one by one, starting with the second, then third, then fourth, and last the first one. I don't hear any sound from Virta until all four voices are active, and most of the time I only hear the last voice then. Strangely, this fixes itself when I page through some other presets, eventually returning to the vocoder preset, after that the polyphony works as expected.

Like I said, this is not a super big deal, since I can eventually get it to work every time. But it is a little annoying to go through that last step of arbitrarily loading a few different presets in a row, before the plugin works as intended. ;)

Maybe add this to the issue tracker on Github? :)

Wonderful and exciting! Thanks a lot for your work. <3

This seems very very promising. <3 Great work.

Hmm... something else I just realized, the same thing happens with this preset even when I use Virta in regular MIDI mode, without the MPE plugin before it.

Polyphony misbehaves the first time I load the 256-band vocoder preset, until I step through a few other presets (I've been just clicking the backwards preset arrow 5-6-7 times ish) and then return to the intended one. After that it works fine. Same behavior every time Virta loads in, both when loading a project file with Virta in it and when loading it on a new track. Very strange.

Hello everyone!

A while ago someone posted a thread about this:, asking if it can be implemented in the Madrona plugins.

Just wanted to check in and report that this does in fact already work pretty well! While the plugins don't have specific implementation with this system (yet, and won't until Sumu is released if I recall Randy's answer correctly), they do have MPE support. And the tuning plugins released by Oddsound include a handy MIDI client which can take regular MIDI input and transform it into MPE with the correct pitchbend amounts for each note.

I can not recommend this system strongly enough to anyone interested in working with alternative tuning systems. I used to mess with .scl and keyboard mapping files, and the frustration of different plugins having different implementation etc etc. And unintuitive keyboard layouts. And multiple instances of plugins to change tuning between parts etc etc. This thing fixes all of that and then some. 1: Everything is tuned and MIDI-mapped centrally. 2: The tuning can change while playing.

And like I said, it works with Madrona plugins, through MPE. I just got a copy of Virta the other day after verifying this, happy to have found a vocoder that both sounds good and works with this system. :) So thanks for that!


Oh, here it is. I couldn't find this post first so I made a separate one. Anyway, while I'm also a resounding +1 for implementing this natively, I just want to let folks know it already does work, through MPE. :) See the other thread.