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Hi! Just new to the community and to Aalto (super happy with it so far!). I tried looking for any existing topic but couldn't find one, so here it is:

Running Aalto AU 1.9.4 (Mac OS 10.15.7) & Sensel Morph (Thunder) 0.19.216. Both Aalto and Sensel (via input protocol) are set to run in MIDI MPE mode and they're working beautifully, except CCs, which seem to not be 'polyphonically' compatible? If I slide a single note ('y' cc, set to #74 on the Morph), it works as expected, if I replicate any other single note, same. However, if I have two notes sliding in opposite directions, I get a very glitchy effect. In this case I'm routing Aalto's y control to the filter cutoff. If I have one note pressed (on a high 'y' value) and then press a second note (on a low 'y' value), then I get a lower pitch altogether, say 2 octaves down.

If there's anyone that works with the Sensel / Thunder and can try to replicate this, that'd be super! Not sure if it's an issue on the Sensel side or if this cc control is just not actually being routed polyphonically?

Also, I've set the Sensel MPE prefs to only send on four channels (2 - 5).


Sorry, forgot to mention my DAW! Live 10.1.30...I guess that might just be the culprit of my issues, since Live might not be properly handling the MIDI channel assignments in a single track? If anyone can point me to some kind of setup that's readily available, I'd be grateful! I hope Live 11 solves this if that's the case.

I tried setting Ableton to multiple MIDI tracks as per ROLI's guidelines in the following video:


...but I still get the same result :(

I tried hosting in Bitwig and that seems to have solved the issue! Sorry, I looked for an option to either delete this thread or mark it as solved but I guess the forum doesn't offer those options.