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Same as last year. It's ok. But dont get your hopes up.

I just feel this beta coming pprrrrrprrrrrdffff dffsshh

Wow Randy, this sounds very intriguing! Can't wait to hear it and try it out in the beta.

On black motherfucking friday hahaaaa
Best deallllll

Good luck Randy!

Fall is falling! :D

Thanks for your reply!

I actually just started to use OSC to make Max8 have a conversation with Bitwig. A lot of fun.

Wouldnt really know how beneficial it would be actually. Just wanted to check whats possible atm. (Since i just bought Aalto/Kaivo) Can imagine every daw has different possibilities of osc lingo traffic.
For Bitwig its here
The pro's for osc to me are easy two way control, high res, speed and no hassle with cc and midichannel nrs.
Did most people ask you for osc, because they want to build custom updating controlsurfaces?

Looking forward to your new mapping protocol! :)

Hi, did this ever happen?